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What is

The Chayah Movement?


We can help you get rid of your clothing and textiles responsibly and conveniently. We are a for-profit, social movement and can help you find new-to-you clothes that make you look and feel your best!

We sell, upcycle and donate clothes with a focus on benefiting local non-profits who support foster youth and adults transitioning to the workforce.

We recycle ALL textiles. 

Meet Founder Zakiya Cita

AboutTheFounder (1).jpg

My name is Zakiya, and Chayah defines my life’s work when it comes to fashion and how I interact with the people in my life.

For as long as I can remember, I have prided myself in turning heads with my unique fashion statements and sense of style.

As early as elementary school, I sought out ways to visually express myself through fashion. It was always important for me to find ways to revamp an old fashion piece, whether it was by adding shoe laces to the thigh of an old pair of jeans or by making cut outs in a shirt that was not so stylish. It was in high school that I discovered my love for revamping clothes from my grandmother’s closet and pairing it with something contemporary. I even wore a one of kind dress from the late 70’s to my senior prom.

My love for unique fashion pieces is what got me into treasure hunting and finding revival fashion pieces by shopping at places such as consignment stores, secondhand stores and vintage stores to find one of a kind pieces to bring back to life and I knew this was something I wanted to provide to other people. However, my vision has evolved and I have found a larger purpose for my passion, which is what you see now with the movement! It's a lifestyle, not just a trend!


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