Favorite Thrift Find - Part 1

Thrift Store Score!

One thing I have grown to appreciate are designer bags and it is not entirely because I can afford them. I think I appreciate the high end designer bags, because of the quality and finding them 2nd hand is like finding a pot of gold during a treasure hunt.

My best friend once told me, it’s pointless to buy her a bag that is not high end, designer because she would not carry it, however, when her Louis Vuitton bag nearly broke my toe when it fell off a table, it made me pay attention. I examined the bag because I wondered why it was so heavy and it was quickly apparent why the bag was over $1,500 - these bags are extremely well made and made to stand the test of time; therefore, worth the investment.

The encounter motivated me to research Louis Vuitton bags, the prices, the materials, the designs and I knew I had to have one, not because of the name, but because of the quality - these bags are made to last.  Knowing what we know now, I still need to research their practices. 

It was about one year after my encounter with "Louis" that I walked into the Goodwill on 6th Avenue Tacoma on a mission to find a nice handbag. My grandma kept telling me about the handbags she saw there, so I decided to check out. As I walked over and looked in the locked glass case of designer bags, nothing caught my eye.  I saw some real and fake coach bags, a fake Dolce and Gabbana bag, and some other names that were of no interest to me. But then, I saw a interesting looking bag in an odd, camel (later I learned it is called Terra Cotta brown) color and made out of material I had never seen before, which I later learned is a Epi leather. I knew I had stumbled upon a gem and I asked the cashier to open the case.

I examined the bag and the first thing I saw were the LVs on the zippers. I opened the bag and saw the red suede lining of the bag that was in immaculate condition, but what caught my eye next was the authentic Louis Vuitton tag on the inside zipper and I was sold.  Lastly, there was the LV on the bottom, corner of the bag and that was confirmation.

I asked the cashier what the price was, so he asked his manager and they told me $50. Are you kidding me?!? I didn’t question the price, I bought the bag and told the cashier that the bag was legit and that they could have gotten more for it, but I was so excited for my find.

I researched the bag online and found others like it.  The bag is from the late 90’s and is considered vintage, from what I can tell and I found a couple online going for over $1,000.

I love treasure hunting!