Unconventional Shopping!

Do you love the look in the homepage, founder pic? 

Here are the Founder's details behind that look...

Being a lifelong, savvy, thrifty shopper - I am always looking for unique ways to save fashion pieces. Recently, a friend posted on Facebook that she was getting rid of a bunch of clothes that she could no longer fit, so I had to go check it out. When I showed up, I could not believe the amount of clothes she had. I went through every suit, dress, blouse, pant and jacket. I ended up walking away with 2 bags worth of clothes and only spent $30.

This experience reminded me of how many treasures and hidden gems we can find by simply showing  up.  I have added estate sales and garage sales to my list of treasure hunting venues, in addition to the traditional vintage, consignment and thrift stores; you can find great items this way and usually at a very reasonable price. 

In the picture below, I paired a dress barn label dress I bought for $1 from the, above mentioned, closet clean out sale, a Banana Republic blazer from BR Outlet and a pair of Steve Madden heels that I only paid $5 for at Deseret Industries.

I love to shop and if I can spend a little and get a lot, then I am ecstatic. This helps tremendously in my efforts to support the non-profits we work with, as well. I like to have a contest with myself and see how many items I can purchase with a specific amount of money.  The best thing about shopping 2nd hand and vintage is that no one else will be wearing your item.