Rethinking Fashion is news worthy!

Let me start by saying... I am a girl from the Hilltop of Tacoma, who landed her first "legitimate" job with Citizens for a Healthy Bay, as a summer intern. Little did I know, how this role would change my outlook on the effect of environmental issues, the impact one can have on their community and how one entity can empower a city to create change. My role consisted of being a neighborhood advocate and educator on how our waste in the storm drains impacted Commencement Bay. I stenciled storm drains, educated people in the Thea Foss Watershed territory, created murals for local elementary schools about the impact we had on Commencement Bay, our Bay and so much more. I was empowered and shared with everyone who would listen... I was nominated for a City of Destiny award because of these efforts and I was only 16.

Fast forward to today, the mission of The Chayah Movement and it confirms the impact of the seed that was planted very early in my career, which took some time for me to even notice.  Our passion for this world, community, people and the optimism that "I" can make a difference is what keeps Chayah going in this effort around sustainability in fashion.  I also know I am not alone in this effort.  We are stronger together! However, one can make a difference!

Anyhow, Chayah is of Hebrew origin and means to live, to have life, to remain alive, to sustain life. Join the movement!

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