Be a more sustainable fashion consumer!

Written by Bailee O'Connell - Intern @TheChayahMovement

Time to go green: How to become more sustainable as a fashion consumer!

Deep Clean: The first thing to keep in mind as you move into a new chapter of fashionable consumption is to go back to the basics. Most everyone has a tendency to shop with an individualistic mentality, focusing on a specific item, only to realize you have 5 of the same pieces. An amazing step to minimize this problem is to clean out your closet! De-clutter as best as you can, take stock in what you have, and care for the clothing you own. 

Shop Smart: Understanding what you find yourself investing in and who you're buying it from is the most important point to keep in mind. As a fashion consumer, it is so much easier to be sucked into fast fashion retail prices for making "high fashion" a bit more convenient, and not so much how the clothing is made nor how well it will last. Consider this rule of thumb: quality over quantity. Take the time to research certain clothing brands, their production process and spend a little more money on a piece you know is well-made instead of a garment that will soon fall apart before you know it. 

Be Mindful: Always, always, always pay attention to care labels and fabric structure. Wash, dry and store clothing the way it is instructed on the designated label and it should last properly.  

Pass it on: When your favorite items are coming to an end, don't think of throwing it in the bin (it only leads to a horrible participation of textile waste... and we don't want that.) Reduce, reuse or recycle your clothing pieces. This way your clothes are being put to use for a longer (and better) period of time. 

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Photo by Shanna Camilleri on Unsplash

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